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Impress through exclusive, meaningful events

Hit just the right chord with a gripping story, exceed expectations and make a difference through one-day and multi-day business events! Turn Key Business Events develops and organizes exclusive events with the right message and impact.

Organizing an unforgettable business event takes far more than just a unique experience for guests. The events of Turn Key align seamlessly with your business goals and the expectations of your guests. Each event is distinguished by homing in on the human factor, regardless of whether you opt for a live, a digital or a hybrid event. To create the right experience, it is key that we inspire, affect and connect with one another.

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“An award winning Global Lifestyle Press Event
‘The Wonder of You’.”

Business Event – Philips ‘The Wonder of You’.

Exceeding expectations, every time again

Are you planning on organizing an event in the near future? The Turn Key team is the key to success. Our experts know how to position your organization, brand or products with the right message and effect.

Arranging a successful business event from A to Z requires creativity, decisiveness, dedication, responsibility, a sense of hospitality and a keen eye for detail. Every one of those characteristics is anchored in our DNA. Nothing short of perfect, professional customization will do.

A solution for every event

Live, digital or hybrid events: our concepts are rock solid and meaningful and will be executed exactly as they should, down to the last detail. To create an impact, we don’t shy away from using the latest innovations and technologies, such as augmented reality, virtual reality or the metaverse.

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Are you interested that Turn Key organizes your business event? Initiate an appointment and we’ll tell you all about the possibilities. The coffee with chocolate is served and waiting for you.

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